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Generate a new report
Generate a new report

Reports summarize all the information from within your trade area and puts it into an easy to read format

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Build your trade area

You can build a report via three different trade area shape types:

  • Circles (single or series)

  • Walktime or drivetime

  • Custom polygon

Read this article to learn more about building trade areas.

Once the trade area is built, click on the trade area and select the option to Build a Report from within the shape context menu.

An opened shape context menu with the Build a Report option selected

To make the most of the shape context menu, read this article.

Reports pull together all your research on:

  • Municipal Traffic

  • Points of Interest

  • Demographics

  • Layers

Customize what goes into your report

After selecting Build a Report, a window will pop up which will prompt you to customize your report. You can name the report and provide any notes, if relevant. Use the right-hand menu to toggle information on the demographics, POIs, and layers you want to include in your report. This allows you to quickly build reports without loading everything on your map first. 

Build a Report pop up window with customizable options

Under Optional Settings, enter any comparison ranges you'd like in your report then click Create Report to open the report up in a new tab. You can also change these distances once you get into the report itself.

Did you miss any information or want to change your report? Check out this article to learn how to edit your reports.

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