Within any regular report that you’ve built, go to the Existing Locations tab. Beneath the map and a table that identifies your Nearby Sites is a list of most Similar Locations.

Similar Locations uses an analog model to compare the demographics of your trade area against the trade areas of the closest 100 locations in your store network. 

It is based on the criteria you selected within your Target Market panel so that it can identify which of your current stores are closest in demographic composition to the area you're exploring via the report.

For example, let's say your target market is affluent, middle-aged women. To represent this, the variables in your Target Market panel might be:

  • Income between 80k and 100k

  • Women aged 35-55

The model used in Similar Locations compares these demographic variables across your locations to see which ones have the most similar number of women in the age group and income bracket you defined.


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