Adding POIs

As a landlord or developer, you want to be able to identify anchor tenants in a certain power center or show where a potential client’s competition is located. Similarly as a retailer, you want to be able to see where your major competitors are.

In any given area, see your relevant anchors or competition through the POI panel. Identify them either by specific company name or by category. An example of a category is Pharmacies.

Changing the Default Logos

Change the company logo by navigating within the POI tab, and selecting the icon to the left of the POI name.

A menu will appear. Select a logo of interest to you or choose the option to use a custom URL. Click Replace Logo and your logo will update.

💡 Tips

  • Check out how POIs will appear in your reports and how you can customize them or watch this video on how to use POIs in PiinPoint.


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