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Map and manage your custom data, bookmark files, and edit data

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Layers allow you to map out any information with an address and allow you to make powerful reports. For more information, on what you can do with layers, check out Types of Layers.

Upload your own data to Layers

At the bottom of the panel, you can upload a variety of file types containing your own custom information, or just create a new layer to work with in PiinPoint.

Search: This allows you to filter through your layers if you have multiple pages by searching key words.

Bookmark your Favourites: Simply click on the star to the left of your Layer name to keep it at the top of your list at all times.

Symbology: Change the symbols that represent your custom points to either different colours or a custom logo.

Edit a layer: Click the table icon to open up your sheet of points, pan to individual locations, edit the points, and export offline.

Layer Menu: Open the Layer menu to create batch reports, or get the Center of Gravity calculation from within the Layer Info section. Layer info also tells you the creator of the Layer.


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