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Create a buffer around your existing locations
Create a buffer around your existing locations

Ensure new sites don't cannibalize sales at your existing locations

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It's easy to designate your trade areas in PiinPoint to indicate what size of market your store captures.  Below, we'll show you how to add those trade areas to the map to deepen your market research.

Build Trade Areas in Bulk

You can associate trade areas based on whatever categories are within your My Locations panel.

1. Click on the option to Build Areas

2. Select whether you'd like to define trade areas by a specific mile or kilometer radius versus a drive or walk time trade area:

3. You can then turn each trade area on via the My Locations panel, or individually from a location itself (Show Trade Area):


If you have any more questions about using trade areas to your advantage, reach out to your Customer Success Manager via Chat or email

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