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How close are my locations to a potential site?
How close are my locations to a potential site?

Measure the drive time and absolute distance from your locations

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Once a potential site is located, you have a few options to quickly see where it is in relation to your existing locations. 

Measure a Distance Tool

The Measure a Distance tool is the quickest way to see the distance between any two points on the map. This tool lives in the dropdown menu beside the double-sided arrow at the top of the interface.

You can draw a line in two ways:

  • Select Draw Line from the drop-down menu to draw a straight line across two points. Keep clicking to draw more lines and click the last point to finish the line.

  • Select Travel Time to designate two points (an origin and a destination) and how long it takes to travel from one to the other. This identifies that fastest route and includes the driving time and distance in miles or kilometres.

Click the resulting line to bring up the drive or absolute distance.

Trade Areas

You can also build a trade area around your locations by either clicking Build Report from the top of the interface or right-clicking your location and selecting Create Drivetime. From there you can customize the trade area to your liking and visualize the reach of a particular location.


You can also see the distance of each of your locations to the centre of any trade area from within a report. Any distance information on this panel, such as Time to POI, measures from the centre of the trade area to your locations. Any locations within a 20 km radius / 12 mile ring will appear.

Find out more about how to use layers to map out potential sites by clicking here.

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