What is a demographic suitability analysis?

Within the Target Market panel, you can turn on a heatmap that does a demographic suitability analysis for your area in view. The heatmap not only easily shows you the Demographics for each block group or dissemination area (DA), but also ranks each one against each other so that you can make decisions around which areas are best suited for your concept.

How it Works

Selecting your Criteria

First, select whatever variables are important to you. For example, if your target market is wherever there are a lot of affluent people, you want to look at Total Population and Median Household Income.

Use the toggle in the Target Market panel to switch on the Heatmap of the variables.

The map will show you areas where there is a Higher Population and Higher Median Household Income within your map view. 

View the Data

Hover over the desired area of interest to show a quick view of your selected demographic information, which appears in your top right hand corner. To lock the quick view, click on the block that you are interested in:

Adjust the Heatmap Opacity

You can adjust the opacity of the Heatmap by using the slider in the Target Market panel to reveal more or less of the underlying map. 

Change the Colour Scheme of the Heatmap

Or, use the bottom right-hand legend to change the colour of the Heatmap to match your brand guidelines or distinguish between datasets.

Highlight the Best Areas

You can isolate only the best areas that meet a specific data range (e.g. only show areas with Median Household Income between $51K and $76K), or that fall into a certain percentile (e.g. only show me the areas that are in the top 25th percentile) with the Target Market legend in the bottom right-hand corner.

Further your Analysis by Changing Demographic Desirability

The Target Market panel will display the desirability for each of the demographics you have included. This will influence the analysis depending on how you set each demographic. As a default, all your included demographics will be set to "Desirable", meaning PiinPoint will look for areas that have higher concentrations of the demographic. To change this, simply click the green Desirable value. Having your demographic set to "Undesirable" will allow you to find areas that have the lowest concentrations of the demographic.


Still have questions? If you need any more help on using demographics, feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager through Chat or email support@piinpoint.com.

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