What is the Suitability Layer?

The suitability layer is a map-based deliverable provided to PiinPoint users who have engaged PiinPoint's Services team in a Market Suitability Study. Each score included in the layer of locations indicates the strength of a market based on the unique factors that drive your brand's success. Each point represents the cumulative score of a set of factors that are significant to your concept and what drives its performance.

Interpreting Site Scores

Suitability Gradient

The Suitability Layer will be found in your Layers panel: 

Once it's turned on, a legend that distributes the ranges of suitability scores into a set of bins will appear. Each intersection has an individual percentage score (e.g. 83.45%), which places it in it's respective bin for symbology (e.g. 80-90%):   

Individual Site Scores

Click on any suitability score to see each unique factor that contributes to your store's performance and how it performs.

For example, say you cater to commuting employees and one of your most significant factors for success is being in an area where the average commute duration is between 20 to 30 minutes (the higher the better). The average commute duration for this location here is 30 minutes, which means that for that component of the score, this site is 100% suitable.

In this case, the other factors of the score would have also performed very well, giving it an overall ranking in the top 10% of scores. 

Using Suitability for Market Planning

Assessing Cannibalization

Whether you're evaluating a brand new market or fitting infill sites into an existing one, suitability scores allow you to plan on where to add additional sites that will have the least amount of trade area overlap to your current stores as possible. 

For example, the existing locations below are shown with their 5 minute drive time trade areas (red polygons). Candidate locations (blue stars) are indicated at some high performing scores, both with a 5 minute drivetime trade area (green polygons) that has minimal overlap with the existing markets:


To learn more about market suitability, contact your Customer Success Manager via the blue Chat button, or email support@piinpoint.com

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