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Now you can take any set of points and quickly create a radius ring around each of them.

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Have you ever wished that you could quickly visualize a buffer zone around a set of points that you have in PiinPoint. Maybe you're trying to stay at least 1 km for all of your direct competitors, maybe you need to stay a certain distance away from schools or hospitals for legal reasons, or maybe you're trying to visualize store territories. 

Our new Batch Ring Builder is designed to allow you to quickly visualize a ring around any given set of points that you have saved as a layer in PiinPoint. 

How it Works: 

To start, you must have layer of sites that you want to run the buffer around. You can either create one in PiinPoint or upload one that you have saved as an excel file or csv. 

Next, navigate to the layer in the layers panel and click on the ellipsis beside the ON/OFF toggle for the layer, as in the screencap below: 

Click Create Ring Layer and the following menu will appear: 

You have the following unit options for the size of your Ring: meters, yards, miles and kilometers.

Once you have made your radius size and unit type selections, click Save Ring Layer

Voila! All of your points will now have your desired buffers around them: 

This feature also helps you create comparisons between multiple locations very easily. Once the buffers are drawn you can use our Quick Comparison tool and select Add all in view to look at how the buffer zones or trade areas you've drawn compare to each other: 

From there, you can easily create a comparison report. 


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